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Avoid the portage around the dam by canoeing, kayaking or tubing with us.

Well before the early 1800’s, local citizens and tourists enjoyed the beauty of the Saco River. Starting at Saco Lake in Crawford Notch, NH, the headwaters of the Saco River are fed by water runoff from Mt. Washington and the other surrounding Presidential Mountains. Traveling over varied terrain of farm land and forests, it makes it way to Fryeburg, Maine and carries on over 7 hydroelectric dams until it arrives in Saco, Maine to empty out into Saco Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. Fryeburg was originally founded for its fertile farmland, which was a result of the river flooding every spring and leaving behind nutrient rich sediments in its floodplains. Fryeburg also became a hub for the timber trade in Maine, a place where logs would be driven down the river.

While Fryeburg still has many amazing local farms, the town is better known today for the Fryeburg Fair, the oldest fair in New England, and of course, the recreation along the Saco River.

This watercolor painted in 1867 by Benjamin Champney, famed White Mountain artist. It is called “On the Saco”.

Today, the Saco River remains picturesque as shown in this photo taken on the Saco River in 2015 by Dacota Griffin.

Fall colors of Saco River video

We offer a wide range of trips! See below for a list of some of our trips (length of trip is approximate, in paddletime, and varies based on seasonal/weather conditions and discharge). These times are not reflective for tubing.

Swans Falls Trip Length

Swans to Canal1.5-2 hours
Swans to Walkers3.5-4 hours
Swans to Lovewell5.5-6 hours
Swans to Brownfield7.5-8 hours
Swans to Hiram12.5-13 hours

Canal Bridge Trip Length

Canal to Walkers2.5-3 hours
Canal to Lovewell4-4.5 hours
Canal to Brownfield6-6.5 hours
Canal to Hiram11-11.5 hours

We offer one tubing trip from Swans Falls to Canal Bridge that takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on river conditions. Please arrive by 11 am the day of your tubing trip so you can be on the river by noon and call us for pick-up by 4:30 pm.

Avoid the portage around the dam !

Swans Falls

Canal Bridge

Walker’s Bridge

Lovewell Pond

Brownfield Bridge

Hiram Bridge

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